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wholesale Media Buying

Other Media Buying

  • Cable TV
    Is the most common form of buying Television ad space (typically bought as a local cable affiliate). It is a powerful form of media & addresses those users that still utilize cable subscriptions. TV ad budgets tend to be quite substantial (avg $60k/month/per local affiliate) so running cable TV for 3 cable affiliates each month can range between $150,000 – $200,000. So making sure you are committed to those budgets & minimum of a 3 month contract are required.
  • Political Advertising
    Political advertising has been a consistent wheelhouse for Zenon. When you need the right media messaging in front of “undecided voters”, Zenon specializes in delivering those critical TV ads to sway undecided voters to take action.

    Zenon helps advertisers maximize their campaign dollars regardless of Party affiliation.
  • Broadcast TV

    Zenon Wholesale Digital has the ability to allow advertisers to purchase national broadcast TV advertising at wholesale prices.

    This capability now allows advertisers access to premium TV slots and reach a wider audience, with untouchable rates. 

    By streamlining the purchasing process and eliminating middlemen, Zenon Wholesale Digital has created a direct and efficient way for advertisers to buy airtime at discounted prices. This not only benefits advertisers by saving them money, but it also benefits TV networks by filling up their advertising slots and increasing viewership.

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