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Political Advertising Campaigns

Political Advertising Solutions

Political advertising campaigns using CTVOTT and Advanced Email are an absolute must in today’s ultra-competitive political environments.

Zenon has had outstanding & tangible success with running political campaigns since 2020 for candidates at every level of office –  starting at the district, state and national level for both parties.

Long gone are the days of just using direct mail or wildly expensive traditional TV commercials.

Programmatic advertising for political advertising campaigns has become the foundational pillar of a successful and penetrating campaign. In today’s world, making sure you reach targeted voters (and swing voters even more) on every possible device they spend the most time on, is absolutely critical.

After all, advertising in this day and age is an ever changing formula of: (the right marketing message) x (repetitive volume) x (targeting the right devices). Success = the right message must be voluminous, segmented for swing voters and massively penetrating the right geos.

Repetition is an absolute requirement & therefore we can look at advertising being “a contact sport”. In today’s landscape with each user having access to multiple devices and multiple services, it’s even more critical to find those users regardless of what devices they’re using & when.

Recent statistics show that due to every user having multiple devices, marketing messages require an average of 17 impressions in order to generate an action. In political advertising, those figures jump to 43 impressions to initiate an action. IViewers have become politically fatigued” You need to make contact with your potential voters multiple times before the message sinks in.

Highly targeting optimal end users or voters makes using & leveraging OTT and CTV a “no-brainer”.

Demographic data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and the use of programs to strategically place advertisements gives you the best chances at converting voters to your candidate.

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