Geofencing Marketing Services

Geofencing Marketing Services

What is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing is another outstanding advertising product for advertisers looking to acquire more of their competitors local marketshare by setting up “virtual advertising perimeters” of their competitor’s locations.

Geofencing is where the location-based data of a mobile phone can be used to advertise (a local business) – to their targeted audience within a virtual zone.

This is done by “virtually fencing off” a designated area & then sending a relevant advertising messages to smartphone users that enter into only that specific zone

Imagine being able to deliver your ads ONLY within a specific area on a map & then targeting potential customers to see those ads directly.

(Ex) Deliver your ads to all of the people in a stadium attending a game

Helpful Auto Dealership Geofencing Stats:
Before a consumer buys a vehicle, almost 50% of users research auto information using their smartphones.

Of all auto buyers, 23% researched or shopped while at a dealership using their mobile phones.

The top 5 uses of a mobile phone at a car dealership are:

  • 59% compared prices for vehicles at other dealerships 
  • 41% find prices for vehicles at the dealership 
  • 38% compare inventory at other dealerships 
  • 36% check inventory at that particular dealership 
  • 33% research trade-in values

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