Wholesale OTT / CTV Marketing

Digital TV video advertising at wholesale prices

OTT, or Over-The-Top media marketing is advertising video content delivered directly to highly targeted users

– on streaming services – through all connected devices like:
Smart TV’s, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets or Mobile Phones

OTT can be used for any device that is connected to the internet and has the capabilities
for the delivery of streaming video content.

Why is OTT Important for Brands?

Advertising across OTT (Over the Top Media) is becoming more important day after day because massive numbers of users or viewers
are increasingly “cutting the cord” to expensive & limited cable TV subscriptions. 

Viewers are now choosing to “stream content online” through streaming services like:

Roku, Hulu, Sling and many other rapidly increasing popular streaming services

Cable providers are now hemorrhaging subscribers to “streaming services” year over year.

Living In The "Connected Age"

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OTT (Over The Top media)

“Over the Top” media refers to any TV or Video on Demand (VOD) streaming content providers whose content is being distributed directly to viewers over the internet or ’over the top’ of the traditional cable box.

Basically, it’s delivering video content – directly to users – on their devices –  without needing a cable subscription.

OTT allows you to directly target your most valued consumers – while they stream their favorite programming – on televisions, mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets and even gaming consoles too.

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Connected TV (CTV)

ConnectedTV (CTV) is programming Advertisements that are delivered through digital streaming and on-demand services ONLY to a TV set.

A smart TV that is connected to the internet via an internal or an external device (Ex) streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku or a gaming console, a DVD Player.

ConnectedTV video content is delivered through the internet to a TV screen


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Benefits of OTT & Connected TV Advertising

  • Reach & penetrate massive audiences
  • Hyper-Target viewers & users
  • Leverage Premium data analytics
  • Gain better audience conversions
  • Acquire more consumer interactivity & action
  • Exploding market for marketers & advertisers