Lead Buying - Mass Torts

Tort Leads - Direct lead Buying

Zenon has now begun offering high-quality Mass Tort leads for sale.

Our clients have always requested buying Leads directly from us since our first day & Zenon listened.


With a focus on Lead compliance, we target potential claimants & provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their cases.

Our lead acquisition process implements marketing strategies to identify, attract and engage potential claimants for Mass Tort cases.

The process includes using targeted online advertising campaigns that use various channels with integrated utilization of compliance software such as the “black-list alliance”.

These campaigns are designed to reach individuals who are likely to be interested in pursuing a Mass Tort claim. They are double-call verified & sent to you with a signed retainer designated to your firm.



    At this time:

Leads are sold by: (type of tort) – (tort demand) – (monthly volume)

All Leads are: 100% Case Ready, compliant, prescreened & double verified 

We can provide 50 – 100 signed clients (per week / per tort)

All leads will have a Signed Retainer designated to your firm

Lead availability & costs will be based on a “first-come / first-served” basis

Current Tort Leads

  • Camp Lejeune
    25 Leads = $2,200/each 
    50 Leads = $2,000/each 
    Based on full retainer models. 
  • Round-Up
    25 Leads = $2,050/each
    50 Leads = $1, 900/each
    ***Based on full retainer models. 
  • Paraquat
    25 Leads = $5,250/each
    50 Leads = $4,500/each
    ***Based on full retainer models.

  • AFFF (Fire Foam)
    25 Leads = $1,800/each
    50 Leads = $1,600/each
    100 Leads = $1,400/each 
    ***Based on full retainer models.

  • Other Tort Requests
    Based on full retainer models
  • Diabetes (coming Soon)
    Based on full retainer models

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