Case Studies

We take pride in our digital campaigns and even more in our wholesale Programmatic campaigns

Our analytics dashboards provide you with 24/7 statistics on how your campaigns are performing.

You can track campaign metrics by seeing:
Impressions, Clicks, Video Completion Rates, Device performance, Publisher performance, Ages, Geography and much more.

See how your creatives are performing whether you're using Display Banners or Videos
by "split testing" those results to ensure you are conveying the right marketing messages.

Below are some of the Case Studies that run:
OTT, ConnectedTV (CTV), Advanced Email, Streaming Radio Ads,
Retargeting, Geofencing, Social Media SEO, Paid Search and Local Optimizations.

These campaigns leverage onmi-tactical products to strategically deliver ads
across all devices that reach your potential customers (with targeted ads) - in those designated audiences you choose

....all at wholesale prices

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Auto Dealerships

Personal Injury Firm

Large Law Firm

Surgical Center

Lasik Surgery Center

Oral Surgery Center

Large Home Improvement Brand

Cannabis Dispensary Group

Private Specialty School

Large Cannabis Dispensary Group

Private School 2

Roofing Company

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