"What Is Programmatic?" Podcast

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Common Questions Answered

What Is Programmatic?

What is Co-Viewing?

The "No-No's" of Programmatic Advertising

Zenon vs Other Platforms

The Difference Between CTV & OTT

The Power of "Non-Skippable" Ads

Understanding Data Bits

How Zenon Protects Clients From Ad Fraud

Partnering With Digital Agencies

Law Firms, Surgery Centers, Auto Dealerships

Why OTT & CTV Have Exploded In Usage

Industry Leading Analytics Reporting

Zenon's Flexibility In Running Campaigns

Managed Services vs Self-Serve Platforms

The Future of Retargeting/Remarketing

Political Campaign Marketing On Steroids!

Leveraging Streaming Radio Ads

Advanced Email & Powerful Open Rates

Banks & Financial Institutions on CTV & OLV

What Is FTA (Foot Traffic Attribution)

What Exactly Is A Wholesale DSP

Platform Partners & Why They Are Critical

The Cost of an Internal Media Buyer

Be Wary of Long Term Contracts

How Digital TV Is Overtaking Linear TV

Wholesale CPM's vs Retail CPM's

Our Approach To Customer Service

Hashcode Data for Social Media

The Do's & Don'ts of Running Campaigns

Simplifying the Onboarding Process