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Leverage the benefits and power of a wholesale DSP platform

OTT / CTV / OLV, Streaming Radio ads,
Advanced Email, Geofencing, Retargeting and more 
Self-Serve “Lite” Now Available

Powerful Campaigns

Leverage our powerful platform to provide you & your clients with state-of-the-art marketing products tohelp deliver optimal performance for any and all marketing campaigns.

White-Label Solutions

We provide you with all of the white-label assests you need to help your agency look like the technology powerhouse you want it to be. We do it all for you.

Reporting Analytics

Our analytics reporting dashboard offers you the ability to track campaign performance daily. Measure results, test your creatives and see exactly how your campaigns are performing.

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Digital TV video advertising at wholesale prices.

Whether you are buying CTV or OTT for your own business or whether you are an advertising agency white-labeling services for your clients, take advantage of wholesale DSP pricing to maximize your campaign performance & stretch your dollars as far as they can go


Client Support

We’re always available. Simply send us a quick support email – we’ll get back to you right away. Or feel free to schedule a meeting with us anytime


Industry Leading Reporting

Zenon delivers simple, to-the-point KPI analytic reporting in a visual BI dashboard. White-labeling options are also available for agency owners. Simple & visual analytic reports


Campaign Management

Zenon’s Managed Services handle all of your ad campaigns across all platforms and channels. We do it all for you & our reporting dashboard makes quantifying results easy to see


Publisher Agnostic

Zenon also provides you with unlimited scalability because of our ever-growing list of PMP deals that allow you to leverage over 70,000 databits with premium publishers for every campaign.

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We’ll Help You Sell

Zenon will help you sell our services to your clients too. Simply schedule a video call with your team, your customers & Zenon. We'll be on the call with you to help sell it for you & answer any questions your clients may have.


3rd Party Validation

Zenon uses industry leading 3rd party validation reporting by Comscore and Oracle MOAT, ad fraud protection by DeviceAtlas & analytic reporting by Google. Most others do not use these 3rd parties

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Zenon's Competitive Advantages

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Programmatic Advertising Statistics

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Comprehensive Daily Reporting

Access your personalized dashboard daily to see how your campaign is performing. See performance metrics on everything from: Creatives, Tactics, Publishers, Days or Hours, Devices, Demographics and so much more.

Split Testing Made Easy

Our pricing & metrics allow you to “split test” or “A/B Test” everything in your dashboard to see what performs the best & why. Leverage the data to maximize your results. Not sure how to do it?...We do it all for you.

Low Maintenance Campaigns

Enjoy the low-maintenance of our highly tuned & optimized campaigns. Visual Data Monthly Reports can be exported to your clients at any time. Our simplified Business Intelligence graphs make understanding KPI’s incredibly simple.

Detailed Performance Indicators

Ever wonder where the best performing publishers are for YOUR CLIENT? Now you can see exactly how each publisher or device performs in order to leverage our data to ensure you deliver on your promises. Best thing is…We do it all for you.

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