What Is Programmatic - Podcast

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Common Questions Answered

What Is Programmatic?

What is Co-Viewing?

CTV Budgets - Video Branding vs Lead Gen

The "No-No's" of Programmatic Advertising

Understanding Actual CPMs

The First 90 Days

Zenon vs Other Platforms

The Difference Between CTV & OTT

The Power of "Non-Skippable" Ads

Understanding Data Bits

How Zenon Protects Clients From Ad Fraud

Partnering With Digital Agencies

Law Firms, Surgery Centers, Auto Dealerships

Why OTT & CTV Have Exploded In Usage

Industry Leading Analytics Reporting

Digital TV Overtakes Linear TV Viewership

Managed Services vs Self-Serve Platforms

The Future of Retargeting/Remarketing

Internal Media Buyers

Leveraging Streaming Radio Ads

Advanced Email & Powerful Open Rates

Banks & Financial Institutions on CTV & OLV

What Is FTA (Foot Traffic Attribution)

What Exactly Is A Wholesale DSP

Platform Partners & Why They Are Critical

Wholesale CPM's vs Retail CPM's

Be Wary of Long Term Contracts

40% of Linear TV Budgets Should Be CTV

The Changes In Premium Publishers

Our Approach To Customer Service

The Importance of Pixel Maintenance

The Do's & Don'ts of Running Campaigns

Simplifying the Onboarding Process