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What Is Programmatic - Podcast

New podcasts are always updated, so check back & see the most commonly asked questions
about Programmatic Advertising

What Is Programmatic?

What Is Co-Viewing?

Budgets: Lead Gen vs Branding

The "No-No's" of Programmatic

Understanding "Actual" CPM's

The First 90 Days

Zenon vs Other DSP Platforms

Difference Between CTV & OTT

Power of Non-Skippable Video Ads

Understanding Databits

How Zenon Protects From Ad Fraud

Partnering With Digital Agencies

Law Firms, Surgery Centers, Auto Dealers

The Explosion of CTV & OTT

Why 40% of Budgets Should Go To CTV

Internal Media Buyers

Leveraging Streaming Radio Ads

Advanced Email & Powerful "Open-Rates"

Digital TV Overtakes Cable Viewership

Managed Services vs Self-Serve DSP's

The Future of Retargeting

Banks & Finacial Institutions

Tracking "Foot Traffic" Attribution

Wholesale DSP's vs Resellers

Platform Partners & Why They're Critical

Wholesale vs Retail CPM's

Our Approach To Customer Service