What Is Programmatic marketing?
Programmatic advertising & buying programmatic advertising, is basically the use and leveraging of:
demographic data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and the use of programs to buy digital advertising.

How much does programmatic marketing cost?
Zenon Interactive offers programmatic marketing campaigns at wholesale prices.
Programmatic marketing costs depend on the products & spend you choose for that campaign:

ConnectedTV –
ConnectedTV (CTV) is programming delivered through digital streaming and on-demand services only to a TV set

OTT (Over The Top) –
Allows you to directly target your most valued consumers while they stream their favorite programming across television, mobile, desktop ConnectedTV or Desktop

Addressable –
Is an advertising product that connects brands with individual consumers across multiple online advertising platforms.
With addressable we can also use your internal CRM data and email data to match & run a campaign against your data too. 

Email –
Enjoy the rewards of 99.9% INBOX delivery of your emails.
Our email campaigns do not go to Spam folders –> 99.9% INBOX deliveries

Geofencing –
Imagine delivering your ads ONLY within a specific area on a map & then targets potential customers to actually see those ads directly.
Imagine being able to deliver your ads to all of the people in a stadium attending a game.

Banners & Video –
Behavioral Targeting using banners & video ads

Is programmatic marketing important for a business?
Programmatic Marketing is becoming the most important thing you can do for marketing a business
Especially since videos are one of the most important things your business needs.

Videos get 66% more qualified leads/per year

Research finds that 80% of people will purchase goods or services after watching a branded video.
Videos have become one of the most important tools to have & leverage for any business.

Contact us to discuss your business video needs

Who are the best programmatic marketing companies near me in the US?
Zenon Interactive is the one of the best programmatic companies in the US, because we provide wholesale programmatic services for every city in the US and Canada.

Contact us to discuss to see if programmatic marketing can help your business too.

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What is Programmatic

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Frequently Asked Questions

OTT (or Over the Top Advertising) allows you to directly target your most valued consumers:

With measurable results

While they stream their favorite programming

On all of their viewing devices

This has never been possible before with traditional TV

ConnectedTV (CTV) is programming delivered through digital streaming and on-demand

Unlike its traditional TV counterpart, ConnectedTV targeting lets you put your marketing dollars towards your most valuable viewers

Use 1st or 3rd-party data, just like you do for digital campaigns, to serve ads on the biggest screen in the home

Benefit from premium viewing experiences that cannot be skipped…delivering high completion rates for your marketing message

Imagine drawing a circle on a map that SPECIFICALLY targets potential customers for you to show advertisements to:

You could be serving your ads to all the people in a stadium or convention center

People who came across the country to discuss an industry serviced by your business
Or a medical building, university, or restaurant staffed with people who need options for purchasing supplies

Leverage our granular data-point system to help you see how many potential customers your email will hit with 99% “Inbox Delivery” to:

Our data tells you roughly how many people will get your email messages in a specified designated market area

Our emails don’t go to Spam….the users in our database are double opted-in email users so 99% of our emails hit the Inbox

Since business owners still use email…layering in an Advanced Email campaign every other week has increased conversions by roughly 38%

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