Political Advertising Campaigns

Do you need to reach those ever important voters on every device they use?

Our wholesale ConnectedTV and OTT services allow you scale any political campaign to reach your most coveted voters.

Target any community, region or voter profile with a potent OTT (Over The Top), CTV (Connected TV) and Advanced Email ad campaign,
that will blow your old success metrics out of the water

Political Advertising Campaigns

Zenon will help you identify, target and reach those critical voters you want and need on all of their connected devices….at wholesale

Zenon Wholesale Digital Marketing provides
analytic reporting and visual data dashboards for every campaign we run.


Clients can see, review and measure their own campaigns daily.


See & use the data to gauge just how far your campaign is reaching.


Have us build you 2 videos for $500 to “split test” videos & see which videos are performing the best and which deliver the largest impact to the campaign. 

Political Programmatic Advertising

Political advertising campaigns using ConnectedTV, OTT and Advanced Email
are an absolute must in today’s ultra-competitive political environments.

Long gone are the days of just using direct mail or wildly expensive traditional TV commercials.

Programmatic advertising for political campaigns has become the foundational pillar
of a successful and penetrating campaign.

In today’s world, making sure you reach targeted voters on every possible device
they spend the most time on, is critical.

After all, advertising is a prime example of “the the law of averages”.

Repetition is an absolute requirement & therefore we can look at advertising being “a contact sport”.

You need to make contact with your potential voters multiple times before the message sinks in.

Highly targeting optimal end users or voters makes using & leveraging OTT and ConnectedTV a “no-brainer”.


Demographic data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms and the use of programs
to strategically place advertisements gives you the best chances at converting voters to your candidate.


Why buy programmatic advertising from Zenon?
Zenon Wholesale Digital offers programmatic marketing campaigns at wholesale prices &
we do NOT sell products with “co-viewing”.

So as an example…
If you buy 1 million impressions of OTT & ConnectedTV from Zenon…

you get 1 million actual TV Spots.

Most other companies are just reselling you 3rd party impressions,
so your impression penetration is actually about half of what you get with Zenon.



✅ ConnectedTV 
ConnectedTV (CTV) is programming delivered through digital streaming
and on-demand services only to a TV set


✅ OTT (Over The Top)
Allows you to directly target your most valued consumers while they stream
their favorite programming across television, mobile, desktop ConnectedTV or Desktop


✅ Addressable
Is a Premium advertising state-of-the-art product that connects brands
with individual consumers across multiple online advertising platforms.
With addressable we can also use your internal CRM & email data to match
and run a campaign against your data too.


✅ Email
Enjoy the rewards of 99.9% INBOX delivery & a minimum 10% OPEN RATES of your outbound emails.
All email is 100% CAN SPAM compliant & all email lists we offer are “double-opted in” users.

Our email campaigns do not go to Spam folders –> 99.9% INBOX deliveries & we boast of
no less than a 10% OPEN RATE


✅  Geofencing
Imagine delivering your ads ONLY within a specific area on a map and then
target potential customers to actually see those ads directly.
Imagine being able to deliver your ads to all of the people in a stadium attending a game.


✅ Wholesale Videos

Get 2 (:30 second) videos to test your ads for $500



What exactly is co-viewing?
Co-Viewing basically means more than 1 person is actually watching a TV at any given time.
(The actual co-viewing factor is 1.75)

That means that reporting agencies like Nielson equate co-viewing to 
diluting your 1:1 “Ad-to-Impression” ratio – reducing the Ad potency by almost 50%

– Videos get 66% more qualified leads/per year
– Research finds that 80% of people will purchase goods or services after watching a branded video
– Videos have become one of the most important tools to have & leverage for any business



Contact us to discuss your business video needs

Who are the best programmatic marketing companies near me in the US?
Zenon Wholesale Digital is the one of the best programmatic companies in the US, because we provide wholesale programmatic services for every city in the US and Canada.

Contact us to discuss to see how our programmatic products can help deliver massive value to your political campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OTT (Over the Top) advertising allows you to directly target your most valued voters on all of their connected devices like: TV's, desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile phones while they stream their favorite programming. This has never been possible before with traditional TV

ConnectedTV (CTV) is targeted ad delivery through digital streaming and on-demand services that are shown ONLY ON A TV.

Unlike traditional TV, ConnectedTV targeting lets you place your video ads using 1st or 3rd-party data, just like you do for digital campaigns, to serve ads to your most valuable viewers.


Benefit from ConnectedTV Premium with "non-skippable 30 second video ads" & NO co-viewing…all at wholesale.

Leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence & over 10,000 data points to deliver over 95% completion rates for your video marketing messages.

A geofence is a virtual perimeter for a physical  geographic area.

Geofencing, involves delivering advertisements to targeted users that have a device ONLY in that specified virtual perimeter.

Think of serving your ads to ONLY targeted users that are in a stadium or in a specific convention center. Geofencing can do just that.

Leverage our granular data-point system to help you see how many potential customers your email will hit with 99% “Inbox Delivery” to:

Our data tells you roughly how many people will get your email messages in a specified designated market area

Our emails don’t go to Spam….the users in our database are double opted-in email users so 99% of our emails hit the Inbox

Since business owners still use email…layering in an Advanced Email campaign every other week has increased conversions by roughly 38%

Zenon Wholesale Digital is one of the best political advertising companies in the US, because we provide premium programmatic services for every city in the US and Canada at wholesale prices.

Starting December 15th, we will be launching our Streaming Radio advertising.

Place your campaign ads on the most popular streaming radio services online & add another potent layer to your Programmatic Political campaign. 

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