Mobile App Development Services

Zenon Interactive’s approach to developing mobile apps initially involves getting a comprehensive understanding of the app, it’s goals and understanding the target audiences of the app.

Our Mobile Apps Process

*  We establish the goals of the app on a conference call

*  We establish the expectations for you & for us

* We provide a wireframe & sketch for you to approve first

* We build apps in modules…and collect payments in modules too

***Please note, that Mobile App Development is the only non-refundable portion of our business***

 This process allows us to keep things moving smoothly & efficiently

We build apps to make your vision come true.

We’ll add our expertise to help you create an innovative and intuitive app that you envisioned.


We started ZENON INTERACTIVE as a mobile app company for our own needs. We soon found that many businesses also wanted an app but couldn’t afford to build one. 

So we started a team of 28 overseas developers that became our “digital think-tank”.

Now we build apps for those that want a domestic Project Manager experience, with oversees skills, visual development timelines & impeccable communication.

Our Step By Step Process

Step 1

Phone Call or VideoConference Consultation – (We’ll happily sign NDA’s)

Step 2

Once the project is agreed upon, we’ll provide a Project Summary

Step 3

Upon approval, we’ll provide a wireframe & screen sketch

Step 4

Upon approval of wireframe & screen sketch, we begin the work

Step 5

Upon approval & completion of Phase 1 – (you’ll get 3 free edits)

Step 6

Upon approval and completion of final edits, we move to Phase 2

Step 7

Upon approval & completion of Phase 2 – (you’ll get 3 free edits)

Step 8

 Upon approval and completion of final edits, we move to Phase 3

Step 9

Upon approval & completion of Phase 3 – (you’ll get 3 free edits)

Step 10

Once the project is completed, we’ll collect final payment & provide you with all Source Codes and APK’s


Our simple development process keeps our mobile app projects on time, on budget and built in modules.

As we move through our process together, we eliminate those unexpected and disheartening  surprises

This ensures that our final product not only meets our quality standards, but it also incorporates your input to deliver the closest vision possible to your precious app.

We want you happy & to launch your mobile application with a clear mind in order to be a massive success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zenon Interactive is the best at providing Mobile app development services for any business in the US.
Why you ask?…because we make the process simple, we make it easy to understand and most importantly… we break up the payments

  If you are looking for a simple, affordable and easy-to-work-with mobile app development company, then
   Zenon Interactive is a great choice for you. We will take the vision you have for your mobile app and expand on it,
   to deliver an app that goes above and beyond whatever idea you initially had.

   Just about everyone has a mobile phone these days, and most, if not all, mobile users engage with mobile apps on
   their devices several times each day. That’s why having a mobile app for your business is important for your
   customers too. Having a mobile app for your business is a very effective way to allow your customers and potential
   customers to keep up with your brand’s news, developments and overall progress.

Mobile App development processes don’t have to be difficult or overly expensive anymore.
Our simple process takes the guesswork out of building a mobile app, and lets you build & pay for your mobile app in stages. Even though the idea for a mobile app may be simple, we always require speaking with our experts about your Mobile App idea.

Schedule a Free Consultation first to help us understand the details of your idea for a mobile app.

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