Our Local SEO Marketing enhances the way your business appears on Google products like Google Search and Google Maps

Local SEO

Our wholesale Local SEO Marketing gives your business a more potent visibility on Google products like Google Search and Google Maps

Improving your business presence consistently on Google helps drive new:

Calls, Website Visits, Direction Requests and Form-Fills

At Zenon Wholesale Digital Marketing we do things a little differently

We know that you need many aspects of Local SEO in order to dominate a local presence

We offer:

Local SEO

Voice Search

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Map Listings

Local Citations

Schema Markups


Ask about our 6 month "Google 3-Pack Program"

When you optimize all aspects of SEO, you can offer NO RISK MARKETING
Ask about our 6 month "Google 3-Pack Program"



$150 Set-up fee may apply
$ 99
  • Claim Your Business Listing
  • Set-Up & Verify Your Business Listing
  • Set Up Your Business Listing Info
  • Verify Your Business Listing (5-21 days)
  • Syndicate Your Listing To Directories

Local 1

$150 Set-up fee may apply
$ 400
  • Set-Up & Verify Your Business Listing
  • Set Up Your Business Listing Info
  • Verify Your Business Listing (5-21 days)
  • Syndicate Your Listing To Directories
  • 20 Posts/month to Your Listing

Local 2

$150 Set-up fee may apply
$ 600
  • Local 1 + On-Page SEO
  • 5 Pages of On-Page SEO
  • 100 Local Business Map Citations
  • 10 Mile Radius on Google Maps
  • Optimize Page & Create Local Visibility

Local 3

$150 Set-up fee may apply
$ 900
  • Local 1 + On-Page + Technical SEO
  • 15 Pgs of On-Page + Technical SEO
  • 500 Local Business Citations
  • Post Your Business Listing Content
  • Optimize Page & Create Local Visibility
Best Value

Local 4

$150 Set-up fee may apply
$ 1100
  • 30 Pgs Ultimate SEO + Voice Search
  • Full SEO + Sitemap + Schema + Voice
  • Off Page + Technical SEO Optimization
  • Schema Markup for Rich Snippets
  • H1, H2, H3, Tags, Images, Metas

What is Local SEO Marketing?

Local SEO Marketing helps you manage how your local business appears across Google properties, like Maps and Search in order to help you acquire new customers.

Did you know that over 80% of customer engagement happens on the first page of a Google search result? 

Especially in the Maps section of local searches  Did you also know that 

If you run a local business that serves local customers, or if you serve a designated service area, Local SEO Marketing is an absolute must-have.


✅ 50% of local searches lead to a walk-in within 24 hrs

✅ More “Google Searches” happen on mobile devices than on computers now

✅ “Near-Me Searches” on mobile devices have increased by 84% since 2017

✅ Verified businesses on Google are 2X as likely to be considered “reputable” by users.

✅ 96% of local business listings are viewed at least 25 times each month   

✅ 49% of verified local business listings on Google receive over 1,000 searches per month  

✅ 75% of verified business listings on Google are found through organic searches   

✅ 72% of consumers that do a local Google search, visit a LOCAL store within 5 miles  

✅ 78% of local searches on a mobile phone, results in an offline purchase   

✅ 51% of smartphone users find a new company or new product when searching from their phones   

Imagine that a potential customer is doing a local search on their phone.

They are looking for exactly what you offer…”near them” Maybe they’ve seen or heard about your business before?
As they search on Google….will they find you? 
Don’t you want them to?

Having your business presence on Google will ultimately help those customers find your business. 

This helps you:

✅ sell more products or services

✅ personally connect with more customers

✅ deliver a great and trustworthy  customer experience

✅ be where 95% of people are searching

✅ be dominant in local searches


If you have any questions about how our wholesale Local SEO Marketing can help your business,
then contact us to discuss the options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO services work to rank your business and website on all of the main search engines.
If you want to improve your local visibility, your branding or increase your sales revenues from your website, then you need local SEO optimization.

There are so many great companies to work with, but Zenon Interactive is definitely one of the best local SEO companies in the US. Our only goals are to help grow your business successfully & affordably online.
We only provide complete “white hat” On-page and Off-page local SEO for Google’s first page rankings in your location.

We provide local SEO services for an extremely affordable price. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from any of our packages. Your local SEO costs will be according to our various packages:
(Package 1 – $400, Package 2 -$600, Package 3 -$900, Package 4 -$1100).
Read the details above about our packages & contact us if you have any questions at all.

Zenon Wholesale Digital Marketing strives to be the best local SEO service near you regardless of where you live. We provide our local SEO services for every city in the USA, Canada and Europe. You can hire us to provide local SEO services in any city in the USA, Canada, Europe.

If you want to improve your local SEO results, you have to consistently work on several aspects of SEO, such as:
On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, GMB, content creation, Voice Search Optimization, etc.


When you perform those SEO components correctly, it helps to maintain and rank your website highly and consistently on search results at the exact right time.

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