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Hashcode Data

Hashcode Data - Zenon Wholesale Digital Marketing

Hashcode Data Marketing

SHA-256 is a patented cryptographic hash function that outputs a value that is 256 bits long. What is hashing?

Hash codes are basically “unique identifying data bits” that work as an identifier on social media & email platforms.

Hashing is encryption data transformed into a secure format that is unreadable unless the recipient has a key. In its encrypted form, the data may be any size, often just as long as when unencrypted.

Hashcodes are an excellent solution to improve your audience targeting as well as increase conversions for social media campaigns due to their ability to leverage “data bits” & get around “walled gardens” that big tech has implemented.

If you run a lot of email campaigns & social media campaigns, then leveraging hashcode data is a great way to improve your targeting & get around those “walled gardens” that limit targeting of users.

So if you are looking for a way to get better results on your social media & email campaigns, than hashcode data is a great & extremely inexpensive product for you. Contact us now!