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Geofencing is another outstanding advertising product for advertisers looking to acquire more of their competitors local marketshare by setting up advertising perimeters of their competitor’s locations.

Imagine being able to deliver your ads ONLY within a specific area on a map & then targeting potential customers to see those ads directly.

(Ex) Deliver your ads to all of the people in a stadium attending a game


Retargeting ads help keep your brand on the forefront of the prospect’s mind & Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) as they see your ads following them around the internet.

Even with the latest changes to internet marketing protocols, not only is Retargeting one of the most powerful forms of advertising in existence, it is also extremely cost-effective & traditionally less expensive than several other forms of online advertising.

When adding Retargeting to a campaign, your conversion rates go up 4:1 vs not having Retargeting as part of your campaign.

At Zenon, you can add Retargeting to any campaign at wholesale prices.

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